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Клада : „False Gnosis“

Клада : „False Gnosis“
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There has been a certain rise among the Bulgarian underground scene in the last few years and the new music, born in the native latitudes, is increasingly entering the field of view of black metal fans in our country and around the globe. The new era seems to be making its way after the lull, and in the future we can expect many new surprises both from already well-known bands and from completely fresh and no less fascinating projects.

Klada is among the beloved and original names in the home scene, with the band quickly gathering fans with their dedication to the genre, their original lyrics inspired by Tolkien and the occult, their cutting sound and dangerous, space-ripping vocals.

„False Gnosis“ is Klada‘s upcoming second full-length album and will be released very soon – on December 2nd, with a promotional concert  taking place on December 4th (Sunday) at club Mixtape 5 (see the event here) .

The title features six tracks of erupting black metal, illuminating with its existential and philosophical themes. More mature in conception, execution and production, the album delivers just over 30 minutes of high-quality avalanche of chilly guitars, pulsating rhythms and catchy, imagination-provoking melodies.

Each of the songs on the album features original composition and ferocious energy, accented by atmospheric moments, alluring  you to soar  in a completely different place from the here and now.
Carrying the old school spirit in them, but also with a pinch of fresh ideas, Klada convey their message through a beautiful and ice-cold anthem, carrying a feeling of calmness and sublimity, of insight and at times – nihilism and humble despair , caused by the pure realization of  the harsh reality.

„Open your eyes and see through the veil
Past and future are mere illusions
Your hopes are only distractions
Life is nothing but a dream passing fast
Until death claims you
In surrender and sensitivity one will attain
Transcend and rise above the rotting corpse of a dying god“


Right from the intro in the first track „Onset of Winter“ and the brutal outbursts that follow, it’s clear what to expect from the title – an icy classic sound with a memorable beat, with a touch of the  old and the  newer waves of Norwegian black metal, fitting at the same time among names like Darkthrone and Darvaza.

The tempos on the album vary, with the diversity of sound felt in each of the tracks, giving the listener an interesting piece of music to follow, which I’m sure performed live will be charged with an even heavier and more haunting energy.

„False Gnosis“ is a black metal  album interlaced with existential lyrics, mouth-watering distortion, furious vocals and sweeping drums pulsating in a diverse rhythm. Carrying a bit of Norwegian old school and that well-known frosty tinge, Bulgarian black metal act Klada attack the space uncompromisingly with their burning flame and massive appeal.


„As we bring the night closer
It`s far easier to be cruel
Erosion of the mind
Seems to be enough to make us blind
A tale of marred souls
Fallen down“




Three tracks from the album are currently available for listening, you can listen to them below.

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2 от 2EN

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