Vile Crone : Apostle (2020)



Vile Crone is an Australian  solo black/doom/death metal project , created last year by T.G. , who except with music is also a big fine arts follower – the album cover is his work as well as the whole design (he is a professional illustrator, it seems).

The project’s debut EP, “Apostle”,  is extremely primal and saved from any additional artificial “coloring”.
In its soundscape, I find black metal elements – the typical black metal blasts and high-pitched black metal vocals,
combined with growl metal metal vocals as well as additional guitar playing and different style elements such as industrial metal and dark synth , for example.
Experimental sound that crushes your bones!
To be honest, I’m surprised that I hear about this project so late and haven’t listened to the album so far.
The title is  professional and clean, filled with a very emotional charge and originality.
I love it when The Void’s mail is bringing such a wonderful surprises.

The album represents  a gloomy and beautifully told story, unusual and extremely interesting for the senses.
From the beginning to the end, my mind worked at a rapid pace, processing every element and vocal playing.
A captivating album, unique and worth every second of attention.
In it, as I said in the lines above, there’s a really fascinating combination of different types of harsh  and clean vocals,
different types of instrumental styles such as doom, synthpop, industrial metal, black metal and death metal.
Combining so many styles and doing it so well requires a lot of talent and skill (I can’t believe that T.G. has no musical experience).
Extremely artistic and good work.
I’d love to go to a Vile Crone concert &  hear “Apostle” live, in my opinion the album would sound incredible on stage, too.

I can talk a lot more about the title, but it’s not really necessary.

You can hear it in full and create your own opinion about it here:

Favorite song : “The Apostle”
Score: 9/10 🔥

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