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PYRA is a relatively new Italian black/death metal band and they will release their debut EP in a few days under the banner of Immortal Frost Productions.
„PYRA“ bears the meaning of the word for the pyre, for the pile of wood raised for the cremation of corpses, on which those condemned to death and those who were to be sacrificed in the old days were burned alive.

Already in the first few minutes of the record, I realize how fitting this name is for them – the band burns with an unquenchable fire, and their flames purify to the bottom everything in their path with uncompromising vocals, cutting guitars and brutal drums, transforming into a real elemental phenomenon. One of those records that you listen to and time just stops, at times you forget to take a breath, just like in the middle of a raging fire.

I guess  some serious part  for the atmosphere of this brimstone is owned to Omega (Darvaza, Nubivagant, Frostmoon Eclipse, Fides Inversa, etc..), who helps the band with the drum recordings in the Beastcave studio.
You can catch his unique style here as well, as the resulting dark magic with the collaboration between I., L. and E. is at an extremely high level and leaves many questioning where the hell PYRA have been until now and why they have slowed down so much with their debut appearance?

In their self-titled debut, the band is offering  five haunting tracks, from which you can hardly tear your attention away during the entire duration of the recording – almost 26 minutes.
Opening with the hypnotic sounds of crackling fire and winds, the album takes us straight into a cold alpine night outdoors around a roaring fire – a slight hint of what’s to come.
Namely – an all-consuming fiery energy, forged from raw vocals and cold unyielding instrumentals.
A combination, which is growing hastily into something memorable.

Excellent black metal with brutal and sharp sound that passes through you like a fiery element and leaves you cleansed and inspired. PYRA’s debut assaults the listener in a raw, aggressive and deft manner, fully illustrating through the notes the blazing pyre created to destroy every sore and pain in its path. It is beautiful to witness such a phenomenon and worth every spare second.



Score: 10/10 ????????????????????????????????????????

The EP record will be released on September 30th via the Immortal Frost Productions label, with orders now available at the label’s online store:


2 от 2EN

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