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Ofermod § Black Altar § Αχέροντας : „Drakonian Elitism“

Ofermod § Black Altar § Αχέροντας : „Drakonian Elitism“
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An enlightening wandering through the Luciferian Void  with floating arcane puzzles, side by side with the Triumvirate of the Black Flame – that’s what I’d call what I was able to experience within the nearly hour-long aural journey provided by the incendiary trinity of Ofermod, Black Altar and Αχέροντας. It’s amazing how music can transform a person’s consciousness and elevate their spirit in such a majestic way…

United in their journey of transformation of their body,  mind and soul, the three forces take us on a darkly transfiguring adventure. Awaiting the outstretched hand of Lucifer and his guiding light during their descent into the Void in search of the Dragon and their passage to the Divine origin, they erupt with ten hymns dedicated to magic and the truths that lie beyond the veil.

Infernum Aperire.
The gates of the Void  open under the weight of Ofermod’s ancient spell, as oblivious voices sing a song in honor of a power unseen. Choral incantations are surrounded by epic, hallucinatory instrumentals combined with humming ambient sounds in the distance.

The melodies lead straight to the shadow of the Black Dragon, the path of wisdom, straight to the raging core of the  inner fire and atavistic gnosis. The  Swedish formation’s classic charge with necrotic vocals and rhythmic fast instrumentals are a real pleasure to listen to. Invoking the 68th spirit, the brightest flame of Hell, Ofermod tell a story of true will and Luciferian power.

After the project’s conquering four tracks, Black Altar’s „Via Draconis“ enters the realms with its soaring and furious atmosphere. The song is tantamount to an obsession of the senses, as from the very beginning the fiery energy seeps into you and invites you into the world of shadows, where you can find a light much stronger than the one of the sun.

Black Altar’s involvement in the release, as you can probably imagine, is characterized by extreme primalness, with all four of their tracks carrying a specific ritualistic spirit that initiates will feel as sacred. Praise of the Black Flame and the Dragon, mercilessly fierce and emphatic. The fury of Shadow’s vocals  creates an atmosphere that sets the Void on fire all the way to the divine throne.

In the end of  the harrowing experience with  Black Altar, Αχέροντας takes over as our final leader.
The psychedelic „Intra Psyche“ lifts the curtains on the inner labyrinths of our psyche and takes us through brutal freezing riffs and roars to reveal the rawest and most untouched parts of consciousness.

Immediately after it, „Astra Magia“ – the final song, the work of Αχέροντας, sinks into every pore of the body, arriving to us entirely in the form of a ritual. An all-consuming ritual that puts the final strokes to „Drakonian Elitism“ in breathtaking way. And after the ritualistic sounds and piercing voice of V.P. Adept who at times whispers obsessively throughout the sonic space, the sound of the bell reverberates as if in a  sanctuary and lurks  the mind into a final deep trance.

And finally, inspired, you subside, completely purified by the Fire, kindled so brightly by Ofermod, Black Altar and Αχέροντας.

Three powers bearing the mysterious power of birth, life and death. Three separate and at the same time completely unified entities. Three different paths  leading to the same ritual procession, from whose ranks you would not want to leave. Whispers from unknown worlds embraces you in their dark knowledge and point the way to the strength within you – bright, burning, illuminated  in black light. Via Draconis.



Score: 10/10




Experience some of the rituals below:

Bands: Ofermod § Black Altar § Αχέροντας (Acherontas)
Album: „Drakonian Elitism“
Relase date: December, 2023
Label: Odium Records
Order link:


2 от 2EN

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