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Black Hate : „Via Pvrgativa: Qui Spiritu Diaboli Aguntur Hi Filii Satanae Sunt“

Black Hate : „Via Pvrgativa: Qui Spiritu Diaboli Aguntur Hi Filii Satanae Sunt“
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The Mexican underground scene is one of the most powerful manifestations of black metal. Serving as a symbol of true rebellion and a symbol of the occult, Mexican black metal stands out from all others with a particular fiery energy and primal fury that you could rarely hear in other scenes.
I got to know Black Hate quite late – the band has been active since 2006, and I fell in love with their sound in 2020 during the Mexico Black Metal Fest, when the musicians amazed me not only with their music, but and with his incredible stage presence, and recently I have other observations of the musicians and see how real is all in their camp. Also, over the years,  the band has played alongside Mayhem, Watain and many other bands you know well. so you probably already had the chance to see them somewhere around the world.
Once again authentic to the extreme, Black Hate present their sixth full-length album, „Via Pvrgativa: Qui Spiritu Diaboli Aguntur Hi Filii Satanae Sunt“. Out on February 12th via Odium Records, the title features seven dark and ferocious  anthems filled with philosophical and metaphysical musings to make you sink into the deepest abyss of your own consciousness.
Starting with the ritualistic intro ‘To the Firmament’, where you can hear enchanting incantations, immersive ambient sounds and even movie sample, the atmosphere transitions into powerful distorted riffs and the growls and shrieks of B.G. Ikanunna tear up the space with predatory precision on the next track, „Trembling Hands of Sorrow.“ With rolling riffs somewhat reminiscent of the atmosphere of bands like Khold and Sarke, accompanied by several types of fierce screams and cleaner vocals, Black Hate demonstrate an even more raw and heated side of their work.
It’s amazing how the band combines a ritualistic fluid atmosphere with their traditional bestial energy that keeps the listener in the corner.
Listening to the album, I notice the growth of the band over the last four years. With a much more mature sound, with twice as much power as usual, but still with avant-garde riffs and interesting tempos, the band shows a new level of music writing. Especially in songs like „Tempestad (O de la transubstanciación)“, which fully lives up to its name and storms through the ears like a furious element, you have no choice but to listen in rapture and let the fire of Black Hate engulf you . Or in the final track of the album, „Dark Night of the Soul“, which sends you down a ritualistic mental abyss, shrouded in total darkness and doomy apocalyptic imagery.
„Via Pvrgativa: Qui Spiritu Diaboli Aguntur Hi Filii Satanae Sunt“ is a particular lord of darkness. Parts of death metal rhythms partner with progressive black metal elements and bring an enormous  dose of brutality to the record, while soaring classic riffs make you think of the old-school death metal, ritualistic moments transport you under the veil of a hazy occult atmosphere, and the intense and vicious vocal appeals send you directly into the depths of Hell, where you are subjected to the most raging fire. Avant-garde, passionate, highly emotionally charged and powerful, Black Hate’s music attacks without compromise and at the same time elevates the mind to another level. Purifying music for dark souls, steeped in Serpent’s light & poison…


Favorite song: „Tempestad (O de la transubstanciación)“


You can hear some of the tracks below:




Album:“Via Pvrgativa: Qui Spiritu Diaboli Aguntur Hi Filii Satanae Sunt“
Band: Black Hate
Label: Odium Records
Release Date: 12.02.2024


2 от 2EN

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