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CULTUM INTERITUM : „Sacrum Funeral“

CULTUM INTERITUM : „Sacrum Funeral“
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A sense of rising ancient evil makes its way into the opening moments of ‘Sacrum Funeral’, the third full-length album by the Polish horde CULTUM INTERITUM. Gasping demonic voices play in the background alongside ambient sounds that lead  you to a cold forgotten crypt full of creatures ready to tear flesh and mind apart. Not even a single glimpse remains of the light – the darkness covers every speck of dust on the surface, leaving only the echo of the creatures born from the shadows, slowly moving their lungs.

After a deep sigh, a thunderous voice erupts into the space, surrounded by two layers of freezing guitars and rhythmic drums that flirt with the ear and move from slow and smooth to a more frenetic tempo, providing the listener with an authentic raw energy.

„Let the holy poison be unleashed upon the masses
Let his call be answered…“

The deep atmosphere of CULTUM INTERITUM’s music is essentially filled with a particular malice and primalness that can’t help but appeal to an ardent black or death metal fan. Beyond the low guttural vocals and muffled screams, strong bass lines and mind-piercing drums traditional to the band, in the next song „A“ we find ourselves in the epicenter of the greatness of the cult, which leaves the impression of being in the middle of a devilish assembly. The song is fast and aggressive for the most part, and thanks to CULTUM INTERITUM’s unique symbiosis of black and death metal and deft tempo changes, manages to create the feeling of this descent into the depths of Hell.

And all of the above escalates into the fascinating ‘C’, where every part of the instrumental and vocals is there to suffocate you with its intensity and cutting determination. Deep sepulchral vocals are surrounded by high-pitched screams, blending equally immersively into the surrounding cold guitars and fast drums. A powerful wave of energy erupts into the surface, and the soundscape becomes increasingly incendiary.

„Let us welcome Our Ascension!
For the deepest Abyss will forever be Our highest peak!
Let us welcome our Descension!
For the gardens of Eden will again be our kingdom!
A new Babel is rising!
Far beyond the grace of God!“


The six tracks on ‘Sacrum Funeral’ – each titled with one of the letters creating the word ‘SACRVM’ – construct a horrifying yet sacral almost 30-minute ritual, extolling the supremacy of the ancient cursed forces over the too comfortably enthroned self-proclaimed deities and their worshippers.

A devastating opus filled with cryptic vocals, demonic echoes and soudscapes capable of  leading  you straight to the heated core of the flaming underworld. Rising ancient powers and deep melodies surrounded by strong cutting riffs and sepulchral voices. An ominous funeral procession that leaves no hostages and pursues to the very end…






You can hear one of the chapters in the ritual below:



Band: Cultum Interitum
Album: „Sacrum Funeral“
Release date: November 24-th, 2023
Label: Godz ov War Productions
Order link:



2 от 2EN

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