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Cavernous Gate : „Voices from a Fathomless Realm“

Cavernous Gate : „Voices from a Fathomless Realm“
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Do you enjoy falling into weightlessness listening to soaring soundscapes that take you away from everything earthly? Cavernous Gate exudes exactly the same amount of magical nuance and depth with their work. You immerse yourself in the dimension of the crystal purity of the music and forget about everything around you, at times transferring obscure pictures in your mind.

The first meeting with the project took place in 2019, when the compositions of Sebastian Körkemeier (Helrunar, Sun of the Sleepless (live), The Vision Bleak (live), ex-Black Destiny) debuted in the split title shared with the well-known black metal project Sun of the Sleepless. With its four tracks, Cavernous Gate presented beautiful atmospheres stitched with doom, black and death metal influences, as if each of them sounded like a dark and cold anthem.

And here… all these elements grow into something much more complex and compelling with „Voices from a Fathomless Realm“, Cavernous Gate’s debut full-length album.
Filled with almost religious chants, epic melodies, romantic acoustics and ethereally intertwined ambient sounds, the record reaches our depths in a light and effortless way.

As in the project’s older tracks, melancholy is a key part of the title’s overall feel, enhanced in places by vocalist Jenny Kalbitz’s unique voice, which ethereally balances the masculine and rawer energy of Sebastian Körkemeier. And of course, from the heavy and smooth doom metal riffs that invariably resonate deeply.

In „Voices from a Fathomless Realm“ we can hear both heavier elements and a death/black metal sound, as well as succumb to the power of very tender and atmospheric moments. In the different tracks, we can also feel unique influences, such as Asian oriental rhythms recreated through a synthesizer or a thrash/punk heaviness reminiscent of F.O.A.D. era of  Darkthrone.

Lyrically, „Voices from a Fathomless Realm“ explores the dark fantasy world of twilight and its ghostly inhabitants, which Sebastian provokes into consciousness through the depiction of hauntingly vivid dreams. Magic in broad daylight, poignant and captivating poetry.

„The sun sets golden beyond the mountains
frost covers bloodred leaves.
Clad in flowing robes
they gather in the autumn twilight
to serve the dead
in secrecy.“

And one hour is not enough to enjoy it…

As depicted in the beautiful cover artwork , created by Sebastian Körkemeier himself, „Voices from a Fathomless Realm“ takes you through dark, unseeable lands, with the occasional glimpse of ethereal ghostly bodies and dancing shadows, elusive otherworldly matter. The majesty of classic death, black and doom melodies, intertwined with provocative dark pictures and the veil of mystery, create the impression of a gothic dream, from which you do not wish to wake up. A time machine to something forgotten , ancient and undoubtedly dark.

The album will be released tomorrow, October 14th, via Prophecy Productions.
Orders can be placed here:


You can hear some of the already available songs from the album here:

2 от 2EN

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