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PYRA : „Those Who Dwell in the Fire“

PYRA : „Those Who Dwell in the Fire“
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Italian black/death metal band PYRA lit their pyre two years ago with their debut self-titled record, which left many people, myself included, wondering where PYRA have been ‘hiding’  until now and who was behind the band members’ aliases.
The answer, of course, would hardly surprise anyone – behind the band you can find  experienced musicians from the Italian underground, previously working in a number of other bands in various genres. The death metal influence in PYRA’s work is by no means accidental, and anyone who is aware of Italian metal would probably immediately recognize who is behind each element, especially the vocals. Apart from L. and I., who are in themselves a huge surprise due to their relatively new amploa, in their debut, Omega (Darvaza, Nubivagant & Fides Inversa) is behind the drums as a session musician.
Together, with their first record PYRA demonstrated raw and brutal black metal, with overt death metal elements in both instrumental and vocal performances. Where there are fast drums and fast guitars, you can hear equally compelling low growls, cryptic atmospheres and tempos that are more reminiscent of death metal. Also, the bass was in focus, leaving an additional aftertaste to the recording. I still remember some of the riffs in ‘Pyra’, which definitely means the debut was fire.
So, does all of the said above apply to the  band’s debut full-length album „Those Who Dwell in the Fire“?
Yes. And no…
Again, the sound of burning fire and crackling sticks greets us in „Cacus“ – the first track of the album, and already in the first minute of the song there is a significant increase in the black metal atmosphere with captivating harsh cold guitars, which was the missing piece on the debut EP recording. A fierce riff wafts into the atmosphere, soon met by the powerful drums of the full-fledged drummer E. (Darvaza’s live drummer) and the traditional bestial growls  of L., which in this first track seem to me even deeper and more obsessive than before. With a sound much closer to black metal, and with beautiful bridges between the different parts of the song, it’s clear even here that the band worked hard to reinforce the ideas already conceived on their debut mini album.
The same fast and uncompromising aggressive energy carries over into the album’s next track, ‘Summit of Existence’.  Bold and intense walls of tight freezing guitars, ferocious  bass undertones and amazing drums, which together create an all-consuming black metal atmosphere, reminding me the  energy  of the cult Nidrosian black metal scene. At the end of the piece there is also a moment with a very beautiful drum solo, which brings to the fore the full potential of the band – E. is a sick drummer and to let him under the spotlight to showcase his abilities felt really good – all instruments are complemented in one way or another, and  this is pleasant for the ear, without a doubt.
Recorded as if in one inseparable whole and during one session, the album flows from one song to another quite imperceptibly, and if you don’t follow the tracks themselves, the record passes quite imperceptibly through the mind, leaving the highlights to resonate in the air.
Delving into the theme of primordial purity and the arcane cosmic laws, the cycle of nature , the inevitability of the end of all existence and its ephemeral core, „Those Who Dwell in the Fire“ is an uncompromising and inspiring black metal opus with bottomless vocals, as if emerging from an  immeasurable forgotten crypt… confidently and powerfully alluring into inner purification and retrospection. The fire of PYRA flares up, ready to rage with its tongue of fire, leaving the charred dust of humanity among the smoldering remains… Are you ready to burn?







You can hear some of the tracks below:




Album: „Those Who Dwell in the Fire“
Band: PYRA
Release Date:  February 23rd, 2024
Label:  Immortal Frost Productions
Pre-oder :

2 от 2EN

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